Setting Standards in Clamp-on Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Measurement


Quantities of measurement

Volume Flow, Mass Flow, Flow Velocity and more

Measurement accuracy

±0.3 % of reading ±0.005 m/s (metering system uncertainty w/o application disturbances)

Measurement accuracy

±1% of reading ±0.005 m/s (at application)
±0.5% of reading, ±0.005 m/s (field calibrated at measurement point)


0.15% of reading ±0.005 m/s

Flow velocity range

0.005 … 25 m/s

Extremely low flows

down to 3l/h on 1/4 inch pipes (up to 1.5 inch diameter pipes)

Pipe diameter range

6 mm … 12000 mm (no limitations on wall thickness and material)

Media temperature

-40°C … +200°C (-190°C … +600°C with WaveInjector mounting fixture)

Flow channels

1 or 2

Available Hazardous Area Classification (optional)

ATEX and IECEx Zone 2, FM Class I, Div. 2

Housing material

Aluminium or Stainless Steel

Degree of protection

Transmitter: IP66, Transducers: up to IP68

Inputs and outputs

Up to 4 inputs and 7 outputs, Available are: temperature, current, voltage, binary, frequency

Communication Protocol

Modbus, HART, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus PA, BACNet

Communication Interface

USB and Ethernet

Menu languages

English (US), German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Polish

Additional Notes

DNV-GL Marine Type approval, United States MIL Specification


  • No process interruption for installation, no pipe modification necessary – maintenance-free (no need for frequent work in hazardous areas)
  • Certified for operation within hazardous areas (ATEX / IECEx Zone 2 and FMc Class I, Div. 2 certified)
  • Fast measuring dynamics (output of measurement data every 10ms), capturing highly pulsating flows
  • Reliable measurements of slurries or liquids with gaseous entrainments (>10% of total volume)
  • High operational safety with no risk of leaks
  • Independent of pipe material, diameter, wall thickness and internal pressure and temperature
  • Accurate and repeatable measurement readings – even at extremely low flow rates (high turndown ratio)
  • Highly cost efficient in comparison to wetted instrumentation
  • Every measurement system is pre-calibrated in-house (traceable to national standards) and delivered with a calibration certificate
  • Matched transducers, integrated temperature compensation (according to ANSI/ASME MFC-5.1-2011 regulations) and advanced digital signal processing guarantee a high zero point stability and drift free measurement readings
  • Permanent coupling with unique couplant pads, FlexSpring secured mounting fixtures guarantee durable contact pressure also on heavily vibrating pipes
  • Bidirectional communication as well as remote set-up and diagnostic capabilities
  • Enabling complete monitoring of processes as well as supervision and control of critical operations