Local Display Pressure Transmitter



  • High precision pressure transmitter with local display for industrial application
  • Measuring range from 0~0.01 to 500 MPa
  • Advanced piezoresistive silicon or thin film pressure sensor
  • Excellent accuracy and long term stability
  • Range adjust key included
  • Customized LCD displayl
  • Explosion proof (Ex d IIC T6)


The P601 series pressure transmitter is ideal for measurements which requires a local display and a need to communicate with remote data acquisition equipment in industrial applications.

  • Standard hydraulic and pneumatic equipments
  • Regulation system of transmission line LPG and LNG
  • Machine tools and automatic machinery
  • Flow control and water treatment
  • Oil and off-shore industry
  • Equipments for chemical petrochemical industry
  • Automation system and plant engineerting
  • Liquid level measurement