For Full/Empty Level Measurement, Especially in Thin Tubes


Technical Data
Type of instrument Two-wire-detector as empty/ full limit switch at
pipes with small nominal diameters for the
detection of liquids and for pump protection
Construction of sensor Compact sensor
Measurement principle Ultrasound through the pipe wall, no contact of
sensor with the liquid, for mounting no structural
changes at the pipes are required
Mounting PVDF-clamp + couple medium
Material of the pipe Steel, stainless steel, plastic, glass
Outside metallic polished or lacquer
Liquid Water or water like liquids with low bubble
Temperature range Pipe temperature: -40°C … 140°C
Ambient temperature: -40°C … 80°C
Storage temperature: -40°C … 85°C
Power supply for
standard version
12 – 40 VDC
max. 22 mA, max., max. ripple 5%
peak value: maximum 40V
Power supply for the
version for hazardous
12 – 33 VDC
max. 22 mA, max. ripple 5 %
peak value: maximum 33 V
Output Condition is represented by the current draw of the
sensor. 2 LED indicators are inside the housing
LED – green: power on
Power ON: LED on
Power OFF
or error: LED off
LED – yellow: switch condition
„full“: LED on, current 16 mA + 2%
„empty“: LED off, current 8 mA + 2%
„error“: LED off, current ca. 22 mA
response time: 0.5 s
Connections 4-pole M12 connection
(2 contacts connected)
Protection IP67, water and oil resistant
II2G Ex ib IIC T6 Gb
Housing Stainless steel and plastics (PEEK), dimensions
without mounting: L = 125 mm, Ø = 30 mm
Maintenance Maintenance-free


  • Easy installation at the pipe
  • Retrofit without process interruption
  • Low total costs of the system since no
  • process connections are needed
  • Short response time
  • No wear and tear
  • Quick start-up
  • Available for the use in hazardous areas